UL cords are the key products in the field of interconnection. Safety and easy operation are the most outstanding features. By that, quality manufacture is very important.

Production Capacity

Item#UL Cord TypeCord ExampleMonthly Production CapacityAnnual Production Capacity
1Decorative CordSPT-1W2,500,000 meters30,000,000 meters
2Heater CordHPN2,000,000 meters24,000,000 meters
3Parallel CordSPT-23,000,000 meters36,000,000 meters
4PVC CordSTOW3,500,000 meters42,000,000 meters
5TPE CordSJEW3,300,000 meters39,600,000 meters
6Rubber CordSOOW3,200,000 meters38,400,000 meters

Factory Overview

Copper Conductor Strands

Screen Shielding

Sheath Extrusion