UL cord, also known as UL power cord, performs functions of data transmission and power supply. It is integrated with outstanding advantage of easy, safe, and innovative, which improves our everyday life.

General Information

Certificate of Origin : China
Brand Name : WCH Cable
Main Products : UL Cord

UL cord, performs functions of data transmission and power supply, which are usually considered as UL power cord, UL control cord, and UL control cable.

  • Advantage: UL approved flexible cords
  • Category: Flexible Cord and Cable – ZJCZ
  • Standard: UL62, CSA22.2

There are a few categories in the family of UL cord, including Decorative Cord, Heater Cord, Parallel Cord, PVC Cord, TPE Cord, Rubber Cord. We have been engaged in providing power and signal transmission solutions for the commercial, industrial, and household electronics and appliances industries, especially UL cord products.

Manufacturing Procedures

Conductor process
Screen braiding
Sheath extrusion